Project list

Open Source projects, talks, websites, videogames, docker images, and other things I’ve been playing with.


Simple GoLang TODO application

This website code, built using Hugo Framework.

Cloud Native Barcelona website code, built using Hugo Framework.

Docker image for Wordpress deployments with plugin/theme management.

Infrastructure as code of resources I have running in GCP.

Collection of Google Cloud Deployment Manager templates.


Docker image with pictures of my cats (Gatet, Neu, Blanca, Liam and Lia) used in k8s demos.

Spanish videogame magazine website and platform code running in Google Cloud.

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Slides, demo apps and resources to talk and teach kubernetes.

Static site for a videogame made with RPG Maker about the pkts community, full of inside jokes.

Parses a Jupyter book HTML and extracts the images.

Repo for small go projects, documentation and useful links.

CNCF user group dedicated to building a strong, open, diverse developer community around the Cloud Native technologies in Barcelona.


Telegram bot to forward back and forward mesages between supergroups and private chats

Yet another spaces invaders clone, this time in TypeScript using

Bot framework in Python with programmable interfaces and dynamic plug-in architecture


The first version of @raelbot, built on the Hubot framework.


Get information about crew members on Rockstar GTAV social club.