KubeCap NA'19

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America 2019 Event ReCap.

Nodeless Kubernetes

Kubelet provides nodes to a Kubernetes system so the Scheduler can bind pods on them. But what if we don't want to manage nodes? How can we use other APIs to provide compute resources to a Kubernetes cluster?

Extending the Kubernetes API with Custom Resources, Controllers and Operators

What is the controller pattern? And the operator pattern? How we can use custom controllers to extend the Kubernetes API? How we can build our own custom resources, controllers and operators?

Open Source HackDay

About the Open Source ecosystem, toolchain, processes, and communities. After this introductory session, we'll work step by step to help anyone interested to complete a contribution to The Apache Software Foundation TomEE project.

Cloud Study Jam: Cloud Architecture

Getting stated with the Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes solution.

KubeCap EU'19

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 Event ReCap.

Cloud Study Jam: GCP Essentials

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes Study Jam: ReplicaSets

Study Jam about Kubernetes ReplicaSet objects, with slides and examples.

GitOps Pipeline

GitOps using infrastructure as code and Kubernetes in Google Cloud.

Kubernetes Study Jam: Pods

Study Jam about Kubernetes Pods objects, with slides and examples.