Nodeless Kubernetes


Kubelet provides nodes to a Kubernetes system so the Scheduler can bind pods on them. But what if we don’t want to manage nodes? How can we use other APIs to provide compute resources to a Kubernetes cluster?

Marfeel - Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 20, Barcelona, Spain


18:30 Welcome

18:45 What is a Kubernetes Node?

19:20 How we can run containers without nodes?

19:40 Break

19:55 Going 100% nodeless kubernetes in AWS

20:40 Networking with snacks and drinks thanks to Marfeel!



Introduction to the Cloud Native community and Marfeel!

What is a Kubernetes Node?

Deep dive into what defines a Kubernetes node, what is a container runtime and how Kubernetes interacts with them to orchestrate containers. As usual, driven by live demos.

How we can run pods without nodes?

Introduction to managed container services, how to use them with Kubernetes and what providers are available. Live demo using the Azure Kubernetes Engine.

Going 100% nodeless kubernetes in AWS

How to run an AWS EKS cluster without a single EC2 instance.


Nacho Alonso

SRE at CAPSiDE, contributor at Kubernetes and co-organizer at Cloud Native Barcelona

Rael Garcia

SRE at Red Hat, contributor at Kubernetes and organizer at Cloud Native Barcelona gh@raelga

Roi Vázquez

SRE at Red Hat and contributor at Kubernetes gh@roivaz

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Rael Garcia Arnes
Cloud Native & OSS Advocate

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat | Contributor at kubernetes | Organizer at Cloud Native Barcelona and KCD Spain